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Bandolier Feeding


We offer a range of Bandolier Feeding machines from Northfield Corporation for the insertion of both 2D and 3D items into products. The machinery enables bundle inserting of items produced in a continuous, perforated bandolier format. At speeds up to 700 pieces per minute for both two and three-dimensional pieces they offer an industry leading insertion accuracy of 99.9%.

Much of our work focusses on the Northfield Corporation range, in particular the 1600 SRV and Universal models:


Power requirements: 115 VAC filtered, 50/60 cycles, 5 amps.
Max Insert Dimensions: 6" (15.24cm) width x 8"+ (20.5+cm) length
Max speed: Up to 900+ pieces per minute (1.5" length)
Linear speed Head: Up to 6,000 I.P.M.
Controls: AMP servo controls; AC Servo Drives
Dimensions, Controller: 16" high, 14" wide, 6" deep
Weight, Head: 35lbs.
Weight, Controller: 24lbs.
Lubrication needs: None
Air requirements: None Unless blow off option is purchased.

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Power requirements: 115/230 VAC filtered, 50/60 cycles, 5 amps.
Max speed: Up to 400+ pieces per minute (2" insert length)
Linear speed, In-feed: Up to 7,000 I.P.M.
Linear speed, Out-feed: Up to 7,000 I.P.M.
Controls: AMP servo controls - No air required
Dimensions, Controller: 14" high, 12" wide, 8" deep
Weight, Head: 37lbs.
Weight, Controller: 12lbs.
Lubrication needs: None
Change parts: None
Air requirements: None

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