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Case Studies - Salmon Vacuum pouches Fed from bulk

Salmon Vacuum pouches Fed from bulk

Hot and Cold Smoked Seafood producer, Macrae Edinburgh approached Feeding and Denesting Specialist Partners in Packaging (Machine Systems) Ltd with the challenge of handling the flexible bags into which their Premium Smoked Scottish Salmon is packed.

Partners supplied a system to feed the bags onto a Vacuum belt, where a date code is applied, using a Videojet ink jet coder, and the bags are subsequently re-stacked using a shingling conveyor.

The system comprises a Streamfeeder Model V2000 Universal Friction Feeder which takes the bags from a stack loaded to the magazine, and singulates them, feeding them on to a variable speed Vacuum belt, to hold the bags stable whilst transporting them under the Videojet ink jet coder. The bags are then transferred to the shingling belt to make it easy for an operator to pick up stacks of bags to be taken to the packing operation.

After the Salmon is smoked using traditional methods, it is sliced and vacuum packed into pouches to be in Waitrose stores. It is important that the pouches are flat when the date codes are applied, to ensure consistency and quality of print, which is why this process is done off-line using the Partners in Packaging Feeding and conveying system.

“What we liked about the Partners off-line Feeding system is the ease and simplicity of size changing, together with the flexibility of the Streamfeeder V2000 feeder” said Steven McLean, Engineering Manager at the Livingston site. “To change the bag size we use a single operator adjustment which opens up the magazine side guides, and the system is capable of handling bags up to 500mm in length.”

“Partners provide a range of Bag Feeding, Basecard Feeding and Folding, and Tray and Pot Denesting systems, for the food industry and we have worked at a number of Macrae Edinburgh’s parent company, Young’s Seafood sites” said Duncan Macintyre of Partners in Packaging.

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