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News - New Tray Denesters and Friction Feeders launched at PPMA show 2018

Partners in Packaging will be launching the latest in a new range of UK designed and built Tray Denesting-placing machines and Friction Feeding solutions at the forthcoming PPMA show.

The most significant new machine for Partners in the company history will be the launch of the new “F Series Card and booklet feeder”. Available with a variety of options including the well proven Flowfold card feeding and folding module for U cards, J/C cards typically used in many bakeries and food service companies, the F Series is designed with the combined 70 years of Friction Feeding knowledge in the business.

“We decided to go back to basics with the design, using the most modern technology and finest engineering available, to produce a sleek and highly efficient, but compact and simple friction feeder to enable a quick return on investment, together with offering the best reliability of any friction feeder on the market” says Partners Director Duncan Macintyre

As an example, it will take seconds to change the belts on the F Series, a feature which will set the machine apart from all its peers. The machine is assembled using one screw size to minimise tools required and heavy duty construction to withstand the rigours of everyday multi shift use.

The controls will be mounted under the machine in a sealed drawer, alleviating the requirement for a separate control panel making machine mobility much easier.

Riding on the back of the phenomenal success of the A Series-multi range of Tray denesters, the new A Series-plus range has features which enable even quicker and easier operator size changeovers.

The A Series-plus is designed with a push-button feature to move the whole magazine assembly backwards on slide rails to enable new factory-set format size parts to be easily loaded to the machine.

“There are many small modifications which we have done to the machine, after polling customers for their views on where we could tweak the design of the A Series.” says Duncan Macintyre. “For example, there will be no flat surfaces on the machine; guarding has been significantly improved to give better and easier access for maintenance and the start-stop panel now has heavy duty protection bars surrounding it, to prevent trolleys and fork-lift tricks causing damage.” “The machine drive is under the magazine at the back of the machine, removing the traditional side cabinet which you get on most denesters, making a much smaller footprint machine.”

All screw heads and holes will not be visible, meaning the machine will also be more hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

The A Series-Plus, is the latest in a new range of machines from the Partners’ stable, incorporating brand new ideas and technology. We have taken a fresh look at how trays are denested, and how we can save space on the production line together with making it as simple as possible to go from running to running when size changing.

The march continues with totally new concepts being launched by Partners over the next few months to enable bigger ranges of products to be handled at higher speeds.

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