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News - A Series-plus Servo Tray Denester

A Series Servo Tray denester-placer


When a large Midlands based chocolate company were looking to automate the loading of trays for chocolate assortments on their indexing robot conveyor, they contacted Leading UK manufacturer of Tray, lid and card handling systems, Partners in Packaging Machine Systems to find a solution.


“The challenge presented to us was that there were long pauses in between the conveyor indexing four rows of six trays each time, meaning that we either had to denest trays very quickly when the conveyor was moving, or look for an alternative solution,” said Duncan Macintyre of Partners.


Partners (PiP) designed a system based on their well proven A Series-Multi servo tray denester-placer together with a speed linked, servo driven transfer conveyor as an interface between the denester and the robot conveyor. The A series-multi denester loads trays to the transfer conveyor during the “pause” cycle of the robot conveyor, one row of six at a time, priming four rows with trays. Then when the robot conveyor indexes, we match the speed with our transfer conveyor which loads the robot conveyor with the four rows of trays.


The A Series-multi tray denester-placer has six 800mm tray magazines, each with a clamping and gating system for positive release of one tray at a time to each of the pick heads.


“This project required some very clever thinking to avoid trying to denest trays at unrealistic speeds. We effectively created “additional time” in the use of the transfer conveyor as the interface between the two pieces of equipment and using servo drives meant we could accurately match the speed of the two conveyors, giving a very smooth transfer of trays,” said Macintyre.

This installation replaced at least 4 operators hand loading trays.

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